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Service Providers – Couriers, Cartage Agents, LTL Trucking, Temporary Service Providers

Whether you are a one-truck shop or a multi-location, national provider, CargoFactor has established processes and methods to ensure your company is always within the compliance standards of the TSA and your Forwarding customers. The average local market ground carrier manages between 15-20 employees that have a reasonable probability of coming into contact with a shipment to be placed with a Commercial Air Carrier. Exposure is monumental and regular reporting to your Forwarding customers is required. We make sure that your Employee Identification, Training and Reporting processes are efficient, proactive and complete.

Additionally, we collect all of the necessary information Forwarders are required to maintain by the TSA and make sure it is always available and secure, not only to your customers but to the CargoFactor network of Forwarders as well.

How is CargoFactor different? Simple, CargoFactor is a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier and subject to the regulations faced by your customers. This relationship is privileged and we fully and understand your customer’s requirements.

Have new customers? Have no worries. Just add them as a contact and CargoFactor will send a welcome email complete with your company’s authorization key allowing them immediate access to all documentation and compliance support necessary to establish your company as a TSA qualified provider.

As a subscriber to our network, you are only one click-away from being able to conduct business with your future Forwarder customers. Our Service Provider services include:

Our local market ground carrier relationships have been a unique proving ground for our processes. We appreciate our Trucking Company customers and look forward to working with them for many years to come.


What our customers have to say…..

“…..With the amount rules and regulations the TSA continues to implement, you need to hire a TSA expert. That’s why we found CargoFactor. At CargoFactor, Bob and his expert team have the experience and knowledge to keep you aware of changes, updates and monthly reporting to keep you TSA compliant. The price we pay Bob and his team is nothing compared to the cost of hiring someone to do the same job.  Experience, Knowledge and Peace of Mind, I don’t think you can put a price tag on that. Thanks Bob to you and your entire team…..”
Bob Devoe, President, Direct Distribution – BWI

“….. CargoFactor provides an invaluable service. Their quick response to TSA issues from Shippers is critical. Even more critical is the quick response time to questions “from the TSA”. Central control of TSA information, documentation and testing is a must…..”
Henry Giese, Jr., SVP, Geese Cartage & Courier – ORF

“…..In the past, since we are not an IAC, we had to rely on our customers (Freight Forwarders) for assistance with TSA information, STA’s and testing for our employees. This reliance created a bit of awkwardness in the customer/vendor relationship. CargoFactor provides Absolute Cargo with an alternative way of obtaining STA’s, testing and data maintenance. CargoFactor gives us access to a user-friendly website where our employees can log on to train and test at convenient times. CargoFactor also processes our STA’s and organizes our data in a reporting format that is electronically distributed to my customers at regular intervals.

I am very happy with the services CargoFactor provides and would recommend them to other members of the air freight community…..”
Keith Leeson, Owner, Absolute Cargo – ATL

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